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Ever Doubt, an upcoming American band is heavily inspired by the dark beauty and melancholy of Scandinavian metal along with the rhythms and aggression of the 00’s classics.

Founded by vocalist and guitarist David Garibov in Moscow, Russia, the project took this mix of influences (along with David’s Armenian heritage) to the US for the favor of metalheads. David grew up playing in a local band in Moscow with his friends, but never released anything. This was the start of David’s love for music. During this time, David would spend hours researching rock festivals and legendary rock artists that have come before him. After university, David got a good job as a software engineer, although he loved it, he still dreamt about getting back into the music world.

In 2019, David took a trip to the United States and felt a sense of freedom which reinvigorated his passion for music. This was the moment things would change for him. Upon returning to Russia, David built a home studio where he was able to start working on the Ever Doubt project.


Ever Doubt will be releasing a music video for their single, ‘Greed for Rapture’, which was shot just before David came to America full time in 2022. The rest of the EP was recorded after David was able to settle down in Austin, Texas. Be on the lookout for Ever Doubt’s debut EP Greed For Rapture coming out in 2023.

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